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Your Plan for Tomorrow Can Start Today
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I take the time to make sure you understand your options and the different results your decisions can have.


I understand where my clients are coming from, and I will do everything I can do help you make the best choices.


I take pride in remaining available and accessible to my clients to listen to their input and answer their questions.

Estate Planning & Probate Attorney in Columbia, Missouri

Attorney David W. Walker

David W. Walker

Attorney at Law

With over three decades of practicing law under my belt, I have accumulated a deep understanding of the estate planning process and the different options that are available to help people establish plans to safeguard their assets and protect their loved ones in the future. At Ford, Parshall & Baker, Attorneys at Law, I am proud to be a part of a full-service law firm that provides dedicated counsel and representation to individuals and families in a wide range of legal matters. If you are looking to set up a will or trust, designate a power of attorney over your estate, or are in need of assistance through the probate process, I am ready to help. Reach out to me today to schedule a free consultation.


"I want to help you understand the importance of planning for your future & help you meet your goals."

David Walker

Trust an Experienced Estate Planning Attorney

No matter what stage of life you're in — just beginning your career, starting a family, or entering your retirement years — it's never a bad time to start planning for your future, including what will become of your assets when you pass away. Speaking with an estate planning attorney is the first step.

With over 30 years of experience as an attorney, I can meet with you to learn about your situation, explain to you the different options that are available, and help you put together a detailed plan that is specifically tailored to suit your unique needs and goals for your future.

By drafting a will, establishing a trust, or designating someone who will have power of attorney for your estate, you can legally put your wishes regarding your belongings in writing and also take decisive steps to save both yourself and your loved ones added stress and frustration in the future.

It's always a wise decision to start preparing for tomorrow. If you are in Fulton, Boonville, Jefferson City or the surrounding area and would like to start the process of setting up an estate plan, contact me — David W. Walker — at Ford, Parshall & Baker, Attorneys at Law, today to schedule a consultation.

Practice Areas

Estate Planning

From drafting a will or trust to establishing power of attorney over your affairs, putting a detailed plan in place for the future is important. Let me explain your options and set up a plan for you.

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When someone passes away, the probate court will execute their will to distribute their assets. I can guide you through the complicated process to help it go as smoothly and quickly as possible.

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Give Yourself & Your Loved Ones Peace of Mind

The probate process can be complicated in and of itself. When you factor in the stress and emotion people are dealing with when a loved one passes away, things only become more trying and confusing. Letting a seasoned probate attorney be your guide can go a long way to simplifying the process.

Though navigating probate court can be complex, I have decades of experience leading individuals and families through it step by step while doing everything possible to minimize obstacles and helping things move as quickly and efficiently as possible. I can provide the knowledgeable direction you need, from start to finish.

When you rely on me as your probate attorney, you can avoid unnecessary confusion and feel confident that the situation is in good hands, allowing family members to deal with other important matters. When grieving over a loss, no one should carry the additional burden of legal difficulties.

Facing complicated situations on your own isn't necessary. I have been helping clients for years and I'm ready to help you today. For counsel in estate planning, wills & trusts, power of attorney, or probate in Jefferson City, Fulton, or Boonville, contact me at Ford, Parshall & Baker, Attorneys at Law, in Columbia, Missouri to set up a free consultation.